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Volunteer Activities

Volunteer Activities


Poster Delivery

This job entails delivering posters to advertise for the performances. This job requires a vehicle, as you will be putting up posters in Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Basalt, El Jebel & Aspen. Coffee shops, libraries, local schools, community centers, churches, bulletin boards.


Set Crew

Set crew involves handy work. Do you like to build things? Can you use a hammer, drill, saw? This job also involves assisting in painting the set.


Costume Crew

Costumes crew involves helping Colleen (our costume designer) with any sewing, gluing, cutting fabric. Also involves helping load and unload costumes into vehicles to transport to theatre. 


Props Crew

This job involves finding specific props at a low cost (or no cost) that are needed for the production. The director or stage manager will give you the list and this could involve visiting local thrift stores or other theatre companies to collect props.


Program Ads

This job involves contacting local business and sending them information about our production in order to sell ads for the program. Whether by email, phone or in person, you will be reaching out to the community for support as well as building excitement about the show. This job could also entail helping design the program if you are interested or skilled in that area. 


Backstage Helpers

This job involves helping with backstage duties (costume changes, directing traffic, etc) during tech week and the performances. Backstage helpers will have to create a list of all the quick changes and will need to learn the order of the show (and will be given info to help them) in order to create a smooth and organized system back there. 


Concessions Manager

This person is responsible for concessions set up and clean up, as well as selling concessions.


Ticket Sales

This volunteer will sell tickets at the door of the theatre and help people find their seats. This person will handle cash flow and checks and/or run credit cards and hand out programs.