Every production is different, but we at SoL have found that, show to show, some things remain the same. Please see below for our rehearsal policies, absence policies, and some information about what your children will need for Tech Week.

  1. Schedule
    1. The rehearsal schedule will be provided to you in pdf spreadsheet form, as well as being available on the website calendar page.
    2. PLEASE: Communicate about schedule issues. See our Absence Policy below.
    3. Please be prompt in dropping off and picking up child from rehearsal.
  2. REHEARSALS ARE CLOSED – unless you have cleared it with Jennifer or Dani, please do not plan on attending full rehearsals or arriving more than 10 minutes early. It can make many children nervous to rehearse in front of adults before they are ready, and we will be respectful of that. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
  3. What to bring:
    1. Please pack a snack for each rehearsal, water bottle, pencil & SCRIPT (your child gets awarded every rehearsal they bring their script!)
    2. Girls please have hair ties to pull hair back and wear clothes you can move well in, and SHOES you can dance in (sneakers, jazz shoes). No flip flops, clunky boots, crocs, or heels please.
    3. Please DO bring homework or a book, etc. if you think you’ll have some down time.
    4. Please do NOT bring: soda, sugary drinks, GUM, games and ipod/phones except to call parents with.
  4. Carpool: Each family will be provided with a cast contact sheet so that you can arrange carpools amongst yourselves.
  5. Absence Policy
    1. All absences that are listed on the calendar are excused and we will do the best we can to catch your child up on what they missed.
    2. All other absences will result in your child being cut from the scene that we worked on that day.
    3. 3 unexcused absences result in being cut from the show.
  6. Lost scripts and/or CD’s: $5 fee for each replacement.
  7. Homework: Once we have learned a song or a scene, it is each cast members responsibility to memorize and practice it.
  9. Complimentary Ticket Policy
    1. Complimentary (or ‘Comp’) tickets are available in limited amounts in exchange for volunteer hours.
    2. Each family is eligible for 4 comp tickets per family per weekend of performances, (i.e. 4 tickets total over one weekend, 8 tickets total over two weekends).
    3. Adult and child comps are of equal value in terms of hours volunteered. Two hours of volunteer work = one comp ticket.
    4. Hours must be logged with the parent liaison to receive credit, and to assure that your name is added to the comp list at the door.

Things your child will need for TECH WEEK:

A BASE LAYER of clothing to be worn UNDER your child’s costume so that during costume changes backstage they are never naked. (We do not have access to private dressing rooms, so this provides a way for everyone to change costumes backstage). The base layers can be brought with the child to rehearsal, or they can arrive with them already on, underneath their street clothes.

    • FOR GIRLS: A leotard or tight fitting tank top and short leggings or spanx is perfect.
    • FOR BOYS: they don’t need a shirt unless they want one- it needs to be a tight fitting tank top or t-shirt that has a LOW collar or V-neck (it shows through their costumes otherwise) and tight fitting shorts is great.
    • Our costume designer will let you know about any shoe requirements that need to be met prior to tech week